About Me

I’m a father to three wonderful boys. Sales expert, public speaker, contributor, author and YouTuber. I live my life looking to leave a positive impact on the people I encounter.

Born January 7, 1979 I was adopted by my parents Randol & Connie Vance. Both of my parents were hard-working people. My father worked long hours throughout the day and my mother worked nights so there was always someone at home with the kids.

I grew up living in a single-wide trailer home. When I was young I was embarrassed by it because all of my friends lived in “traditional” houses. Our trailer had to have tires on the roof to hold it on in case the winds became too strong. We would line buckets up and down the hall when it would rain to catch the water that leaked through the ceiling. Looking back growing up in that home helped mold me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

By Junior High School I started to participate in sports and became much more social than I was in grade school. The team atmosphere and competing towards a common goal left me with a strong foundation that I utilize every single day to this day.

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